About KTB

In the spring of 2004, a group of Catholic women, who shared a vision, was brought together. This vision consisted of creating an organization solely for women, combining spiritual, service, and social elements which they so eagerly longed to bring together. With the assistance of the St. Mary’s pastoral team, this vision came to fruition and was named Kappa Theta Beta, which stands for the first letters of the words Catholic Daughters of the King in Greek.

The hope we have for each member of our sorority is that she deepens and enriches her faith life by being involved in the St. Mary’s community. Our patron saint is St. Mary, and we continually strive to follow in her footsteps. Our sorority colors signify this desire: blue being the color of Mary, purple representing royalty, and pink being associated with joy. Our sorority’s symbols are the lamb-representing the Lamb of God, and the dove-symbolizing the Holy Spirit. We open each meeting with the Apostle’s Creed, end with the Salve Regina, and host retreats for the entire sorority to attend both during the fall and spring semesters. We also provide other opportunities for spiritual growth throughout the year, through small group bible studies, prayer groups, adoration, and participation in the liturgy of the mass. 

We believe that fellowship provides a great source of spiritual strength, and the two are invariably linked. Kappa Theta Beta provides the opportunity for Catholic women to create and maintain friendships grounded in faith and supplemented by service and social activities. Kappa Theta Beta is very involved with their philanthropy, the Good Samaritan Gabriel Project, a non-profit organization that works to provide a variety of services to women and men in crisis pregnancies and through the first year after a child's birth. They provide free services such as pregnancy testing, counseling, parenting education, referrals for healthcare, and donations of maternity and baby clothing.

Other service opportunities include helping with local agencies such as Habitat For Humanity, St. Vincent de Paul, visiting with the elderly, assisting with repairs to St. Mary’s, and always hosting a group for Texas A&M's Big Event. Social opportunities in Kappa Theta Beta include Dinners, Mixers, Formals, and a Banquet each year. Our fundraising activities have included outings at local restaurants and venues, cookbook sales, and participation in other St. Mary's fundraisers. We also join together in supporting Texas A&M at athletic events.

True sisterhood abounds in our sorority, and we are always looking for more girls to share it with!