Meet the Board


Executive Board

Isabel Mireles ~ President

Isabel is a senior (A-WHOOP!) Wildlife and Fisheries Major from Denton, TX. In her major, her concentration is in vertebrate zoology. After graduation, Isabel plans to apply to vet school!

Fun Facts: Isabel played the violin for 8 years. She also currently has 4 pets that live with her in college! She is also a bus driver for A&M so make sure you say hello if you see her!


Adele Chaffer ~ Vice President

Adele is a junior Allied Health major from Little River-Academy, TX (near Temple, TX). She hopes to go to nursing school and eventually become a nurse!

Fun Facts: Adele’s hometown only has one stoplight and after 7pm, it turns into a four-way stop!


Miranda Contreras ~ Chaplain

Miranda is a junior Child Professional Services major from San Antonio, TX. After graduation, she hopes to get into PT School and then become a physical therapist for children battling cancer at St. Jude’s Hospital!

Fun Facts: Miranda is a CROC FANATIC, loves grilled cheese and has a hidden talent of being able to sound like Yoshi from Super Mario Bros!


Sophia jones ~ Standards & Enrichment

Sophia is a sophomore Biomedical Science major from Muenster, TX. She has an interest in working for the CDC since she find epidemiology and virology interesting!

Fun Facts: She is not technically left-handed, but she sometimes forgets that so she is inadvertently become ambidextrous!


Natalie weisz ~ Treasurer

Natalie is a junior Nutrition major from Plano, TX. She hopes to go to nursing school after she graduates!

Fun Facts: When she was a baby, her dad was a chef at Disney World so that’s where they had her baptismal party! She also went on a mission trip to Guatemala this past summer!


Grace Herrod ~ Secretary

Grace is a junior Chemical Engineering major from Allen, TX. She plans to work after college before coming back to get an MBA!

Fun Facts: Grace can say the alphabet backwards and she studied abroad in Scotland this past summer!



Chair Positions

lizz garza ~ pledge chair

 Lizz is a senior Nursing Major from Houston, TX. After college, she plans on moving back to Houston and working in the medical center in Downtown Houston as a pediatric nurse.

Fun Facts: Lizz LOVES icees and was on her high school’s dance team!


mikah simank ~ historian

Mikah is a junior Allied Health major from Katy, TX. She plans on going to Physical Therapy Graduate school after A&M! She transferred here a year ago and has found her home at A&M through St. Mary’s!

Fun Fact: Mikah drinks a gallon of water everyday!


Emma Nevlud ~ Publicity Chair

Emma is a sophomore Telecommunication Media Studies major from Round Rock, TX. After graduation, she hopes to go into some form of Social Media Marketing or PR.

Fun Facts: Emma’s favorite TV show is Friends and she loves Sonic Ocean Waters!


sarah perez ~ initiation chair

Sarah is a junior Industrial Distribution major from Arlington, TX. She hopes to go into Supply Chain Management or sales after college!

Fun Facts: Sarah loves pickle snow cones!


hannah valentino ~ service chair

Hannah is a sophomore Special Education major from College Station, TX. After college, she hopes to be an elementary school teacher!

Fun Facts: Hannah is a Godmother to her one-year-old little sister! Also, her parents were married on Valentine’s Day at St. Mary’s!


Mary Schech ~ social chair

Mary is a junior Biomedical Science major from Silver Spring, Maryland. After college, Mary hopes to go to vet school!

Fun Facts: When she was little, Mary wanted to be a priest when she grew up. She also plays the violin!



Jasmine mccormick ~ Philanthropy chair

Jasmine is a senior International Studies major from Round Rock, TX. After graduation, she hopes to become proficient in a foreign language and work as a translator!

Fun Fact: Jasmine studied abroad in Tokyo for 10 weeks over the summer where she was an English language intern for her host university!